Beginning of a Life Journey

Almost 29 years ago, I married my soul mate, my best friend and lifelong partner.  Considering I was adopted at birth by my parents, I was blessed to have been adopted and raised by the most wonderful parents in the world.  I was raised as an only child, somewhat spoiled (haha) and still spoiled by my wonderful husband!  However, like all marriages, we’ve had our ups and downs, but very proud to say there’s been so many more ups than downs.  I taught him well from the beginning; I’m always right and he knows that so we get along well.  ☺

We’ve been through a lot together and raised our 3 beautiful daughters to the best of our abilities.  Our two oldest daughters have now grown up, left the nest and have nests and families of their own.  Our oldest daughter has 4 children and our middle daughter has 2, with the 3rd one on the way.  I’m really beginning to feel old now with almost 7 grandchildren!

We as parents, try to instill the best morals in children as they grow up so they’ll be prepared for the future and raising a family of their own.  But when they turn 10, they have a mind of their own and think they know everything.  So don’t bother asking Google, just ask your child.  I’m sure you’ll find the answer!  Since our youngest daughter is now 10, going on 18, we know everything!   ☺

It’s funny how your 10 year old already knows everything and your 21 and 28 year old daughters come to you for advice.  Hmmm, wonder how that works.  Is there an age reversal thing at work here?  Just something to think about.


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