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Does ViSalus (Body by Vi) Really Work???

For months, I searched the internet and compared all the ‘shake’ weight loss plans I could find.  In the past, I’ve tried diet pills, diet plans, Medifast, Slimfast, along with several others.  Personally, I didn’t like the taste of the shake plans I tried, which made it harder to stay dedicated.  As usual, I failed once again at losing weight.

I was searching for something that works well and still offers the vitamins and nutrients my body needs daily.  ViSalus seemed to have the best reviews so I began doing a lot of research on the Body by Vi shakes.  Once I decided I wanted to try it, I debated and continued researching another few weeks.  On February 11th, 2012, I decided to join the 90 Day Challenge.  Did I make the right decision?  ABSOLUTELY!!   Continue reading


Oreo Ice Cream Cake

So simple and delicious!


1 quart ice cream
1 pkg. Oreo or Hydrox cookies
1 jar hot fudge or chocolate sauce Continue reading

Cannellini Bean Salad

This quick, easy recipe is a great healthy and delicious side salad or light meal.  High in fiber, it’s tasty chilled or at room temperature as well, which makes it a perfect dish to take along for lunch at work.  Serve it as a side salad with grilled chicken or fish or add some grilled chicken or meat to the salad for a healthy, filling lunch. Continue reading

There Really Is Life Outside the Internet

This past week, I realized there really was a life outside of the internet!  Sorry I fell a little behind on posting this week but life has been so busy.  I’ll try to make up for the slack in the next few days.

Our youngest daughter’s class held a ‘wax museum’ at her school Friday.  Her dad and I went to eat lunch with her then visited the Wax Museum in the Media Center.  It was really a neat idea the way it was set up.  Each child portrayed a historical, legendary and important character.  We saw Andy Griffith, the Wright Brothers, Blackbeard, Michael Jordan and many more. Continue reading

Want An Intelligent Dog?

Every dog lover wants an intelligent dog.  The smart dog may obey better and be easier to train, however, statistics show smarter dogs are more likely to develop behavioral problems.  Some dogs may actually have a good behavior until restrained in small areas, such as an apartment or limited to certain rooms of the home.  Some breeds are very active and need to stay busy; therefore, refining them to a restrained area could cause these behavioral problems.

Statistics show the top 10 most intelligent breeds are: Continue reading

The 10 Top Food Diabetics Should Avoid

Most processed foods are convenient, affordable, and delicious but the bad part is, most are loaded with sugar, preservatives, salt, and fat. These foods aren’t good for anyone but especially diabetics should avoid them.

  1. Fast Food Hamburgers
  2. French Fries
  3. Chicken Nuggets Continue reading