Could She Be “America’s Next Top Model”?

America’s Next Top Model” is one of my favorite television shows. I love to watch it and my youngest daughter has started watching it too. Awhile back, she came walking into my home office and suddenly said “Mom, I want to be a model!” She is now ten years old, soon to be eleven, and has decided she wants to pursue print and commercials. We’re thrilled with her decision but want to make sure she’s ready to commit to the industry.

On January 10, 2012, I submitted her photos, a headshot and one full body shot, to one of the largest and most professional agencies in our area which represents models and talent of all ages, as well as managing their careers. Five days later, I received a reply email stating ” If you are receiving this letter I feel you and/or your child has a look that our company needs to fill a void in some area” and requested an interview with my daughter! We were really excited to receive the reply. I know there’s a lot of talent scams out there in the world today, but I checked out the agency thoroughly and they are also listed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The interview was scheduled for yesterday and while we were there, our daughter was offered a 2 year contract! My husband and I are really excited for her; however, we want to make sure she’s ready for this because it is a commitment. Although it looks like so much fun to see them model and act on TV, it’s not all fun, glitz and glamour. It really is hard work and takes dedication. The agent was awesome! She didn’t pressure her or us in any way and also wanted her to understand that it’s not all fun, but is hard work as well. So we decided it was best to take the weekend and talk with our daughter some more about the commitment and dedication before signing the contract.

Anxious to help and support her, I would love for her to pursue the industry and possibly start her career now at her young age. However, I certainly want her to understand the perseverance and determination it will take to succeed. I realize all moms are slightly prejudice and their child/children is always beautiful in their eyes, which is to be expected. So I was extremely happy to hear the opinion of the agent we talked with yesterday when she said our daughter is definitely cute, has beautiful fair skin to match her blonde hair and blue eyes and also has the attitude and personality it takes to succeed. She’s tall for her age, which she took after her dad, but I think she might have stolen a little of the attitude from her mom. ;o)

She is also currently in a contest for a commercial for Little 1 Consignment.  The children in the ten photos with the most votes will be in the commercial and this would be a perfect opportunity for her to ‘break’ into the industry and begin her resume and career.  If you have a free moment to vote, it only takes a second on Facebook at TV Commercial Kids by clicking the ‘Like” button under her photo.  Thank you in advance, as ALL votes are certainly appreciated!!

We’re really super excited to start this journey with her to see the direction her career may lead her.  It’s all in God’s hands; He already knows her path, so whichever way it goes, she can always depend on us (her parents and family) to be there to support her all the way!


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