Spring 2012 for the Handbag Fashionista

What’s the trend for 2012?  Watch for hand straps and chains, exotic skins, lace and bright, bold colors.  Designer styles seem to be bigger and better, especially for the woman on the go that needs a small suitcase for her necessities.

The styles will continue to include the clutch, which has been and will be around for a long time. From the bright, bold colors, bold exotic skins to pure white.  Although the trend seems to be large handbags, the sizes will still vary from the clutch to the huge sizes; however, to remain a fashionable fashionista, you’ll need to clasp the handbag in your hand.  Who needs handles anyway?

The designer collections are definitely bright and bold colors.  Bright reds and purples will tip off the season along with several shades of blues, pinks, oranges and lime greens too.  We can certainly expect a ‘colorful’ season!

The runway shows hinted that large, lace covered satchels and colorful exotic skin bags will be emerging soon.  However, don’t throw out your roomy tote style yet because they’re still in for Spring 2012.  From what we’ve seen so far, most of the totes will feature chain handles.

The one thing that the handbag fashionista may want to pack away is the shoulder bags and exchange them for the short carry straps and handles.

Don’t forget to include a large clutch, from white or neutral colors to bold and bright colors, to your wardrobe for evening accessory wear.  The busy women of today need more room than last year’s clutch offered so 2012 will introduce the larger clutch to provide lots of room for those absolute necessities for your evening out on the town.  You’ll certainly shine on the dance floor with all the new vivid Spring 2012 colors.

Happy handbag shopping!


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