Romancing the Stone, Oops, I Mean the “Significant Other”

February 14th is one of most expensive and recognized holidays of the year. Having owned my floral and gift shop several years ago, I’m very familiar with Valentine’s Day (not to mention the straight 3 days and 2 nights of work it involved) and how the prices increase. People tend to think the floral shops raise the price of their flowers during this romantic holiday; however, the prices are increased by the suppliers, not the retail shops. I have always loved flowers and loved designing and working with them even more. However, even after owning my floral shop, it has always baffled me why people would spend so much on roses that probably won’t, but might live a week.

Roses are beautiful but love doesn’t have to be expressed through your wallet. Since I was raised in a middle class family and haven’t yet won the lottery, received a check from Publisher’s Clearing House or had any rich relatives to leave me millions of dollars, I’m always looking for ideas to save money! You can still make this year one of your most memorable Valentine’s Day and cost very little to nothing.

Here are some ways to romance your “significant other” this Valentine’s Day without thinning your wallet:

      • Celebrate Valentine’s Day AFTER Valentine’s Day, when everything is half priced.
      • Tuck a love letter inside his/her lunch container.
      • Leave messages all over the house. You can use a package of the kid’s $1.00 Valentine cards or make your own heart shaped notes out of red or pink construction paper. Write a message on each one and hide them all over the house for your honey. I did this for my husband a couple years ago and he found messages for quite awhile after Valentine’s Day.
      • Send a sexy email message and/or text.
      • Write love notes and make heart shapes with lipstick on the rear view mirror and car windows. You can also use it for bathroom mirrors and windows in the house.
      • Ladies, tuck a lipstick kissed napkin in his lunch box or coat pocket.
      • Play scavenger hunt with love note clues. End the hunt in your bedroom with a bed full of rose petals.
      • Use a soft blanket on the floor, surrounds by some candles. Put on some soft music and have a romantic picnic on the blanket.
      • Surround the tub with some candles and have a full tub of bubbles ready when your significant other comes home from work.
      • Make him or her a Love Journal Jar/Box. Decorate a jar or box and write numerous love notes on small pieces of paper and fill the jar with them as a unique, inexpensive gift.
      • Frame a group of photos of your relationship in chronological order.
      • Burn a CD with with his/her favorite songs.
      • Leave a note on your mate’s pillow to let him/her know how special they are. Add a couple of mints and a single red rose to be discovered at bedtime.
      • Give him or her a coupon or voucher for a nice, long massage. Be sure to have a bottle of luxury oil or lotion on hand.
      • Enjoy something spectacular together; a sunset, sunrise, the ocean, nature or an evening walk in the moonlight.
      • Share a special delicious dessert at your local bakery or coffee shop.
      • Give him/her a list of the “Top 10 Reasons I Love You.”
      • Cook a nice dinner for your mate, enjoy your dinner with romantic music and dance the night away.
      • Add “I love you because….” notes into red and white balloons, blow the balloons up and spread them around your home.
      • Share homemade chocolate covered strawberries:
        1. Melt a package of chocolate chips in a double boiler and add a small amount of oil
        2. Remove from heat and quickly dip the strawberries into the chocolate
        3. Place on wax paper
        4. Refrigerate until chocolate is firm
      • Plan a movie night at home with a romantic movie, popcorn and soda to share with two straws.
      • Write your own wedding vows to share over a glass of wine in a candlelit room.
      • Write him or her a poem, expressing your feelings.
      • Leave a trail of rose petals from your door to your bedroom.
      • Repeat your first date.

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