Legendary Whitney Houston Will Live On

The world will surely miss the beautiful, talented and legendary Whitney Houston.  Whitney was born in Newark, New Jersey on August 9, 1963.  On February 11, 2012, at the age of 48, she was found with her face underwater in the bathtub of her 4th floor room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Her hairdresser, stylist and two bodyguards were present in the room at the time and became worried because she had been in the bathtub for over an hour. Her female hairdresser went in to check on her and found her unresponsive. Hotel security and 911 was called immediately. The paramedics arrived within minutes and performed CPR but was unable to revive Whitney and she was pronounced dead at 3:55 pm.

No illegal drugs were found in the hotel room and no evidence was found that Whitney had been drinking alcohol; however, prescription drugs were found. At this time, the autopsy has been completed but the results will be deferred pending a toxicology report, which generally takes 4 to 6 weeks. Although it hasn’t yet been determined, it looks as though Whitney may have possibly fallen asleep or went into an unconscious state while she was in the bathtub, slid underwater and drowned.

It’s been said that Whitney had been drinking the night before and the authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol may have sedated her; however, we won’t know the true reason of her death until the results of the toxicology report are completed and released.

Rest in peace, Whitney. You will be greatly missed, but not forgotten.  Your legend will live on.


2 thoughts on “Legendary Whitney Houston Will Live On

  1. You are right – Whitney will be missed, but not forgotten. I hope she realized just how many little girls, young women, and older women she touched!

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