There Really Is Life Outside the Internet

This past week, I realized there really was a life outside of the internet!  Sorry I fell a little behind on posting this week but life has been so busy.  I’ll try to make up for the slack in the next few days.

Our youngest daughter’s class held a ‘wax museum’ at her school Friday.  Her dad and I went to eat lunch with her then visited the Wax Museum in the Media Center.  It was really a neat idea the way it was set up.  Each child portrayed a historical, legendary and important character.  We saw Andy Griffith, the Wright Brothers, Blackbeard, Michael Jordan and many more.

As we walked through the ‘wax museum,’ some of the children were sitting on the tables, in chairs on top of the tables, some standing, etc.  Near each child was a large red button.  Each time the button was pushed by a visitor passing through, the child recited information about who they were and a little about their life.  Our daughter portrayed Dolley Madison.  It was really a very interesting way to learn about our history, legendary characters and celebrities.


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