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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Cake

The picture says it all!  Yummy!

Yield: 16 Servings
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Oreo Fluff

A great, easy dessert for the kids! All you need are oreo cookies, whip cream and vanilla pudding mix. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Stylish Hairstyles

In our fast paced world today, time is of the essence.  Here’s some quick, easy, stylish celebrity hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston’s shoulder length bob is simple, easy to maintain but cute!
A messy, choppy, razor cut bob will enhance hair texture with less bulk.

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Hummingbird Cake

This southern favorite is always receiving rave reviews.  The Hummingbird Cake is the most requested recipe in Southern Living magazine history and frequents covered dish dinners all across the South. Continue reading

My Rising Star

As I had mentioned in an earlier post on February 4th, Could She Be “America’s Next Top Model”?, my daughter has decided she wants to pursue a modeling career.  A few weeks ago, Little 1 Consignment offered a contest to receive entries for the top ten children with the most votes to win the opportunity to perform in their upcoming TV commercial.  I figured this would be a great beginning experience to add to her resume so I entered her in the contest.   Continue reading

Where Did the Week Go?

Time really does ‘fly’ by.  I remember when I was 14, I couldn’t wait until I turned 16 and my dad always used to tell me, ‘Honey, don’t rush time because the older you get, the faster time will fly by.’  Of course I couldn’t understand because to me, time was time.  It didn’t change, it didn’t move any faster, or so I thought.  Needless to say, about 20 years later, I completely understood that statement.  Now, each year, month and day seems shorter and shorter. Continue reading